About the mode of transport, our company has various and convenient transportation methods, including air, sea, land, etc, for example, DHL, EMS, TNT, UPS, etc.

Before delivery, we will take protective measures for the spare parts according to the customer's requirements, and use wooden boxes, wooden frames and other reinforced packaging to ensure that the parts reach the customer's warehouse intact and undamaged to the greatest extent.

Until now we have exported our spare parts to Russia, KazakhstanUkraine, Philippine, Vietnam, Kenya, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Chile and so on. For many years, we have maintained this close cooperation with our customers.

For the customers in different regions and countries, according to their needs, choose the most suitable and most convenient transportation method for every customer.

Containers are shipped by sea, by land, and bulk cargoes are shipped by sea, by air, etc. Convenience, speedinessthere are a variety of convenient transportation methods for you.To ensure the goods arrive quickly and on time.

For goods sent by sea, according to different countries, usually arrive in about 30 days, (the specific time is subject to actual conditions)For goods sent by air, it usually arrives in about 7 days (specifically subject to actual conditions)For goods shipped by land, according to different countries, we will choose the most convenient and fastest transportation to ensure that the goods are intact and reach the customer’s warehouse quickly.

Whether it is shipped by sea, by air or by land, whether it is a container or a bulk cargo, after each shipment, we will track the transportation of the goods in time, and promptly inform customers of the transportation. To ensure that our customers can know the transportation of goods in time.

H.A.S : Honesty, All-win, and Sustainability. Your requirement is our working direction.



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